“He just went crazy. He slammed the door and started screaming in my face; then he went to the kitchen. He’s got a knife. He threw everything on the floor. I’ve run upstairs – I’m hiding in the bedroom – I dragged a cabinet in front of the door. But it won’t take him long to get through. Can you hear him?! Can you hear him?!”

Contact Centre Advisor
Salary: Circa £31,100 to £32,700 (inclusive of allowances) depending on location.
Location: Central London (Lambeth / Bow / Hendon)

This job is all in the detail. Did she say he slammed the door in her face or just slammed the door? He has a knife or had a knife? As you are listening, you are typing. As you are typing you are beginning to categorise the call in order of priority. As you are analysing the information given to you, you are thinking of the next questions to ask. You are doing all of this whilst attempting to calm the caller down and reassure them that you will get help to them as soon as possible. You pass everything on to a colleague who will despatch the appropriate resources to assist. The situation is still happening but your involvement is over.

And you move onto the next call.

This can be a challenging and sometimes intense job. Our teams are the first point of contact for some 13,000 emergency and non-emergency phone calls and 12,000 interactions via digital platforms every day. Naturally, this means we have a fast-paced and dynamic environment where no two days are the same. We ask our teams to assess the severity of incidents and prioritise them, whilst always doing their best to reassure the caller that we'll get the appropriate support or assistance to them as quickly as possible. With the volume of incoming requests handled through our teams each day, the importance of this role can never be underestimated.

Key Responsibilities

What does the average day look like? Your duties will include:

• Handling emergency and non-emergency calls. You will triage calls according to a framework, assessing each one’s priority and risks.
• Prioritising and arranging support or resource to handle incidents.
• Working with colleagues across the boroughs of London to manage our response to requests for assistance.

You will provide the customer-focused, professional, first point of contact our callers expect. You don’t need previous experience; instead we're looking for common sense, attention to detail, good communication skills and a calm head under pressure. Above all, you’ll have the drive and determination to make a difference to the communities of London.

Shift Patterns

We operate 24/7, 365 days of the year. You’ll be eligible for Shift Disturbance Allowance (SDA) and Flexibility Allowance.

To find out more, take a look at our website and meet some of our #999 family. Our twitter feed @MetCC will give you a view on what our world is like.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our Contact Centre team, start your application now.

We view diversity as fundamental to our success. To tackle today’s complex policing challenges, we need a workforce made up from all of London’s communities. Applications from across the community are therefore essential.

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