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£41,186 after training with regular pay rises

Life as an Army Chaplain is a calling like no other. The experiences on offer are unique to Army life. You’ll belong to a unit, become part of a family and help our troops through testing times and personal challenges. You’ll build bonds that’ll never break and turn lives around.

Wherever your unit travels, so will you. From here in the UK to some of the remotest corners of the world, you’ll be there to offer the comfort and guidance our troops need, when it matters most. Your impact will stretch far beyond a parish; you’ll travel to some of the world’s most hostile and disrupted environments to support our forces.

Joining as a Chaplain Class 4 (equivalent to Captain), you’ll wear the British Army uniform but won’t command or carry weapons. Instead, you’ll help support your unit with invaluable spiritual support, pastoral care and moral guidance, regardless of their religion or belief.

As you transform the lives of our soldiers, you’ll transform your own, making more of a difference than you ever dreamt possible.


As an Ordained Minister or Priest in one of the Sending Churches, you have the skills, training and knowledge that your Army needs. We’ll give you the chance to make that training go further, being part of something that’s bigger than you and has an impact that stretches around the world. From the moment you join the Army, you’ll be set on a path offering opportunity for promotion and progression, receiving all the support and opportunity you need to unleash your potential.

But we’ll also prepare you for a life outside of the Army by providing you with opportunities to get additional qualifications. We can help you obtain a postgraduate certificate in Education and a Master of Theology in Chaplaincy.

It doesn’t stop there. As an Army Chaplain, you’ll get the best military and professional training there is. As well as learning basic soldiering, you’ll learn the specialist skills you need to become an expert in your role. We’ll help you to become the best you can be.


Become an Army Chaplain and you’ll:
- Earn a starting salary upwards of £42,009
- Enjoy 38 days of paid annual leave
- Receive subsidised accommodation and facilities, increasing your disposable income
- Receive free medical and dental health cover
- Have opportunity for promotion
- Be sponsored to earn valuable civilian-recognised qualifications
- Take part in Adventurous Training and be able to play your favourite sports
- Have access to free sports and gym facilities


If you’re between 18 years and 49 years and 11 months old, find out what qualifications you need by clicking apply. Older applicants meeting the other criteria may also be considered. Our next deadline for application is the 31st March 2020.


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