About GCHQ

At GCHQ, we are dedicated to protecting the UK’s people, businesses and interests from a variety of threats – from sophisticated organised crime to hackers and terrorists. Every hour of every day, we work alongside MI5 and MI6 to keep the nation safe, secure and successful, using our technical expertise to do so.

To achieve this, we rely on far more than our technical specialists alone. We employ a range of people with diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds, which enable them to support the mission in one capacity or another. They range from Foreign Language Analysts to professionals in areas such as Project Management, Procurement and Human Resources. They have the ability to approach complex problems from different perspectives. What they share is a commitment to achieve GCHQ’s mission.

As experts in cyber security, we gather intelligence using the most up-to-the-minute and cutting-edge technologies. IT, electronics and telecommunications specialists work together with mathematicians, language and intelligence analysts to uncover and interpret vital information.

Our focus is on collaboration and teamwork – working together to tackle interesting and varied projects. So by joining us, you’ll enjoy the scope to improve your skills in a fascinating unique environment. And with personalised training, mentoring and shadowing, a career at GCHQ is incredibly rewarding. It’s about feeling valued, contributing to the security of the nation, and being part of something truly special.

We need fresh thinkers. Innovators. People who will go above and beyond. It’s not just about cool technology. It’s about what you learn to do with it. And creating an environment where everyone’s appreciated for the skills they bring. An environment where everyone can contribute and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Help us solve the apparently unsolvable, and be right at the heart of British Intelligence.